Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, hello!

I know it appears that I've dropped off the planet (yes, yes, I'm sure all .... eleven... of you noticed), but I just wanted to inform everyone and myself that I have not forgotten about this blog! I have had a tremendous amount of work to do since I last posted -- flying back from Paris, traveling back to Kansas, then back to Milwaukee to greet my second job -- it's been keeping me busy, to say the least.

Currently, I'm trying to finish up my final project for the Paris trip (and final project EVER), and work on a few pieces for some freelance clients. I'm very excited about all these projects ... I just hope I can find the time to finish them between a 50 hour work week!

Well... a 50 hour work week and some wine...

Anyway, once everything has been cleared out, I will be customizing this puppy and finally making it look like my own blog.

'Til then!

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