Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Konnichiwa! (and many other salutations!)

With the help of Marisa, the owner of the fabulous Good Good, I have finally decided to dive back into the world of internet blogging after about a 6 year hiatus (the previous blogs were filled with high school mush and frantic teenage streams of consciousness -- nothing anyone will miss, trust me.)

This is just your basic "howdy! I exist!" post, so nothing too fancy will be gracing this first entry. I simply wanted to give a shout out to the world.

I'm a little saddened I didn't start this sooner. I feel absolutely elated to begin blogging again, yet I feel a tinge of regret at the same time. There were so many things that happened to me over the course of my MIAD career, and I'm just now starting to record my experiences and share them with the world ... right before I graduate? Geez, where was I four years ago?

Ah, well. Here's to the future! Onward and upward!